Comptoir du Vin, du Thé et autres Délices de France


Maison Bouchard & Fils

Les Caves de Juliénas

Grapes: 50 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Malbec, 25% Cabernet Franc
Bordeaux/Cave de Quinsac  - Rosé de Quinsac 2013
AOC Bordeaux Clairet
AOC Bordeaux/Cave de Quinsac  - Clairet de Quinsac 2011
The vineyard of  Irouléguy, located in the heart of the French part of the Basque Land, represents 220 ha cultivated by 50 vine growers. It is planted on the South hillsides of the mountains at an altitude between 200 and 450m. Shielded from the northern wind by the mountain range. The vineyards find here a micro climate characterized by nice autumns, with southern winds which favoured the maturity of the grapes.
Pays Basque AOC Irouléguy - Argi d'Ansa 2011
In the 1880s, when Alexandre Castellan founder of the Domaine du Val de Gilly, settled on the estate, vine cultivation was only secondary in comparison with the forest works or olive cultivation. The next generation made up their minds to reverse the situation especially after the freezing of the olive trees in 1956, and they concentrated on vine cultivation.
AOC Côtes de Provence - Val de Gilly Cuvée Marion 2012
Vin de Savoie  is the core appellation of the Savoie region in far eastern France. This mountainous region on the western edge of the Alps has a distinctive – if little-seen – style of wine: mostly dry white wines based on the Altesse, Jacquere and Chasselas grape varieties. Vin de Savoie wines are often described as being distinctly 'alpine', invoking their fresh, mineral characteristics.
Jean Vullien AOC Savoie - Rosé de Savoie 2012