Comptoir du Vin, du Thé et autres Délices de France

As Wine Merchants, our goal was to open a Wine shop in London. We chose Marylebone, because nowhere else in London have we found the village spirit we were just looking for.


Finally, Le Vieux Comptoir was born, and not only a Wine shop and a Wine Cellar but also a Grocery, a Deli, Cheese, Coffee and Tea Counter.


Our Coffee comes from a famous Parisian Roaster and Coffee merchant, with our own House blend. Our Teas come from the honourable and old  Tea Companies Dammann & "Betjmann & Barton".


The Isle d'Yeu is that special island in the Atlantic, where the Hennequin clan has always been fishing and preparing the best Artisan  fish soup and other fish rillettes delicacies.


Our charcuterie comes from Lyon, Savoie, Pays Basque... Master Crafstmen pork Butchers, to stock our Charcuterie counter. We also offer carefuly selected Cheeses, Butters & Creams, most of them from Artisans.


We couldn't finish without naming the venerable Maison Arosteguy, a  Biarritz institution. To us and a lot of people, probably the most attractive and  inviting Grocery in France !


The Shop

IMG_0867 photo photo photo


                  The Cellar


                  The  Tea/Coffee




                  Seafood products


                  Foie Gras







Foie Gras

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